2. Using the World of Google Products

Learning Objectives:

Learn the advantages of using Google products over commercial ones

Gain familiarization with recommended Google apps

Link Google apps within student's own Google user account

Setup Google bookmarks with accessible links to products


Create A New Google Account

Students will learn how to create a new Google Account.

Show Bookmarks Bar in Chrome

Students will learn how to display the bookmarks bar within Google Chrome for easy access to bookmarks.

Recommended Google Apps

These are the Google apps we recommend you setup and use.

Enabling Autocomplete in Google Chrome

Students will learn how to enable Autocomplete in Google Chrome.

*Google Cloud Print

Students learn what Google Cloud Print can and can't do

*Using Google Translate

Know what Google Translate does and how it might help.

*Using Google Voice for a Consistent Number

Students will setup a Google voice number and forward to existing phone

Advantages of Google Products

Students will learn the benefits of using Google products